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Engine Repair Services
Your trained staff at Munson Marine can provide parts and perform services and for all major engine systems, inboard or outboard. We also do Engine Computer diagnostics on all popular engines, inboard, stern drive & outboard engine systems and provide bow-to-stern repairs on all wiring, plumbing and accessories installations. We have the tools and experience to keep you boating. Inboard, Inboard-Outboard or Outboard, we have encountered them all. Carbureted or fuel injected, your technician has the ability to diagnose and correct your boat's problem so you can be boating with confidence. With the wealth of knowledge we obtain, your sure to be back on the water as soon as possible .

Call us now and we will do the rest! (713) 941-4303

Additional Services

Although we do not provide in-house fiberglass and upholstery services, we have reputable craftsmen who specialize in these areas when needed.

Most trailer repairs and done by Munson Marine staff excluding professional welding needs. Again, we rely on a reputable craftsmen for these types of repairs.


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